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Johana Montes de Oca, LMFT #118488
Mental Health Therapist

Welcome to My Serenity Mental Wellness!

Congratulations on taking the first step towards a more healthy life by seeking a match in a therapist. I hope you find my services to be a resource for you!

Dear Visitor,

We are very excited that you are pursuing to live a healthier life. It is important for all of us to find serenity. Our approach is a collaboration between the client and therapist where we identify goals that are attainable. We help uncover new perspectives on outlooks that have you unsettled. We provide tools that help manage issues around anxieties, depression, attachment trauma/trauma, worries or troubles. Our style is warm and empathetic. We will sit with you through your pain and stay in the moment with you. We support you to discover deeper meanings to your problems, and encourage you to challenge those thoughts and feelings. We assist with the development of a more positive cognitive and emotional wellbeing. We look forward to helping clients reach who they aspire to be, to feel their best, and fulfill their highest potential. Let’s work together and shed light on new options with coping with your challenges. This is your journey…

Johana Montes de Oca, LMFT
President of MSMW

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